5 Best Rice Brands Exported from India

Rice makes up a substantial part of the Indian diet and is also one of the country’s biggest exports, so it should come as no surprise that there are many brands producing rice in India. This list takes a look at 5 of the best rice brands exported from India so you can see what makes these brands so special.

1) Thai Jasmine Rice

Thailand is one of India’s biggest competitors in branded rice exports, and for good reason. Many people prefer Thai jasmine rice because it comes pre-washed and doesn’t require rinsing. It has a lighter flavor than Basmati—which makes it especially attractive to Americans—and its slight stickiness offers a different texture that some people really enjoy. If you want an extra boost in nutritional value, stick with 100% certified jasmine white rice instead of jasmine brown rice; brown varieties often contain added nutrients that don’t provide much additional benefit but can reduce other nutrients. And if you like your rice less sticky, rinse it once before cooking to remove more starch.

2) Basmati

With its long, slender grains and heady, nutty fragrance, Basmati is known as the Best rice brand in India. It’s native to Pakistan, but India grows two-thirds of all Basmati exports. This type of rice is highly regarded for its delicate flavor and fluffy texture. The grains are long and slender in shape with distinct individual flavors—similar to pasta noodles—which are absorbed quickly by most recipes. Long grain varieties have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years—and not just in Asia!

3) Foodie Crush Jumbo Long Grain Rice

Founded in 1994, Foodie Crush Jumbo Long Grain rice is cooked with patience, time, and effort. It has a unique texture that can be enjoyed alone or with meat or fish dishes. The fragrance of each grain makes it great for adding flavor to side dishes and salads as well. This branded rice is known for its creamy aroma and special packaging which doubles as a cooking container. Because it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and easy to cook, foodies all over America have turned to Jumbo Long Grain Rice when they want a taste of Indian culture at home. For rice lovers who miss authentic Indian flavors, Foodie Crush Jumbo Long Grain Rice is an excellent brand to try first! 

4) South Indian Parboiled Long Grain

South Indian Parboiled Long Grain rice is by far one of our best rice brands in India. It’s a bowl of high-quality, long-grain rice that’s highly fragrant and healthy. It retains some of its outer layers after processing, which means it doesn’t get sticky during cooking; plus, it is much easier to digest than normal long grain rice. This type of rice is used heavily in South Indian cuisine, especially in biryanis, pulaos, and other delicacies. South Indian Parboiled Long Grain isn’t available as a standalone product but can be found on sites like eBay if you search for India Gate Parboiled.

5) Foreign Extra Long Grain

One of the best brands of rice exported from India, Foreign Extra Long Grain is also one of its highest-quality grains. This brand's grade 'A' rice boasts a premium flavor and smooth texture that keeps it at a high level among global customers. It's suitable for both Italian and Chinese cuisines and can be used in salads, desserts, puddings, or even rice dishes. A total of 2.6 million tons are harvested every year, providing a solid export base that keeps prices stable. Foreign Extra Long grain is also known for its resistance to fungal disease and uses methods like intercropping to keep bacteria levels low during growing periods.

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