Reasons Your Carpet has Streaks and How to Fix them Easily

Do you know carpets have the tendency to appear dirty and streaky when you think they are clean? Well, there are actually several reasons behind it. Firstly, the carpets should be dried properly always and they should not be glued to the floor. Secondly, the washing method and the cleaner brand you use can be the main culprit behind it. Below are some reasons why this actually happens and how to deal with them properly. 

Reason 1: Use lots of carpet cleaner

The colored carpets usually catch up dirt and dust very easily. It might become really difficult to maintain them at some point of time. Using a good cleaner for your carpet is a good tool for handling this problem. But using lots of it might be the reason causes damage to your carpets. Besides, when you over shampoo the carpet, it will make it really difficult to get rid of all residue. When there are some traces of cleaner on the carpet, this will attract more grime and dust. 

Solution: Use lukewarm water for proper cleaning. Select one spray bottle and fill it with lukewarm water. After this, you need to spray it over the entire carpet wherever it is sticky. Lukewarm water can help a lot for cleaning the carpet and eliminate carpet stains from the floors. But when you use lots of water, this may soak fiber padding beneath your carpet which is really tough to dry. If you do not hand the carpet outside, it may become rotten and cause accumulation of mold and fungus. You can use a dry towel and absorb liquid and residual cleaner quickly. Allow the carpet to dry properly by switching on the fan or handing it in the sun.

Reason 2: Use lots of water  

The carpets are generally made of thick fibers. When you follow proper measures for drying carpet, you might not be able to get all the water out.  When water stays on the carpet fibers, this can cause rotting and carpet fibers to stick together. On getting soaked with water, the stains which remain deep inside will emerge after the carpet is dried. This is why the stain will reappear even after the cleaning. 

Solution: Do not use more water than needed when cleaning the carpets. When you are already done with the damage, try to remove it and allow it to dry on a properly-ventilated area. In case the carpet gets stuck at the bottom, you may need to use a vacuum cleaner. When it remains untidy, make sure you clean vacuum cleaner so that it may not cause further stains. If it still does not work, then you can hire the services of a professional. 

Tips and Tricks

If you want to avoid further accidents and ensure your carpet remains in good condition, then here are some tips and tricks for it. 

Work quickly on the stains – When you spill your favourite juice on your carpet, you should do the cleaning work right away. Though this might be a big hassle for you, do the cleaning as early as possible. The stain will usually go away easily with soap and water only. This can save lots of money as you do not need to purchase a carpet cleaner. Also, working quickly can help to eliminate tough stains out from the carpet.

Do not overclean your carpet – If you do have the tendency to scrub carpets often, then you should try to refrain yourself from doing so. When you overscrb the carpet, this may cause loss of color and make the carpet appear dull. So, you should stick to clean carpets once in a month. 

Deep carpet cleaning – Though you might be a good cleaner, shining your soft carpets need more than store-purchased cleaners. Following DIY might not be sufficient everytime and you may invest in hiring a professional cleaner. He uses a vacuum cleaner and chooses steam or cleaning solution to remove all the dirt and deep clean the carpet. Though this seems to be little costly, they will keep the carpet clean for many years. 

Ensure thorough drying – It is important to dry your carpet and ensure it remains clean and fresh. When you clean carpet, make sure it gets dried properly. On the other hand, when you need to install a new carpet, try to avoid gluing it to floors. This provides more flexibility in terms of drying and you may remove the carpet to detect mold of rotten paddings. 

Thus, you should know occasional cleaning is always a better option than overcleaning. If you want to know why the carpet has streaks after cleaning, then you can book carpet cleaner and ask them about it.