What Should You Know About Mini Tummy Tuck?

People have stubborn body fat around the abdominal area, which is bothering their overall appearance. Sometimes they cannot get rid of them with diet or even exercise. If you are the one who is struggling with these issues, then you can consider its treatment. A mini tummy tuck is different from a full tummy tuck as it does not have a chance of getting scars on the treatment site. Learn more about What You Should Know About Mini Tummy Tuck by reading the following article.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is also termed a mini-abdominoplasty. The procedure of mini tummy tuck is less invasive in which the surgeon targets the stomach area, which is present under the belly button. In this procedure, fewer skin and fats are removed as small incisions are made, so there are fewer chances of scarring. It is recommended if you are near the ideal body weight. The discomfort after this surgery can be managed with the help of prescribed medicines. So, it is preferred by most patients.

Who Can Get Benefit from Mini Tummy Tuck?

It is a person's personal choice whether you want to undergo the tummy tuck or not. The surgeon will examine your skin laxity and elasticity and will determine if the mini abdominoplasty can benefit you. You can benefit from the treatment if:

You had a bad shape belly which is lowering your confidence

Exercise and diet are not working for getting rid of stubborn fats

Your abdominal muscles have become saggy after pregnancy

You have realistic expectations about the outcomes

You are overall a healthy person

You are in your ideal body weight

If you are not planning for babies in the future

Mini Tummy Tuck Vs Full Tummy Tuck:

A mini abdominoplasty differs from a full tummy tuck in Islamabad, and many people get confused when both terms are used. The main difference between mini and full tummy tuck is the amount of fats and skin which are removed. In a full abdominoplasty, an excess amount of fats and skin is targeted from the pubic bone area to the navel. While in a mini tummy tuck, the surgeon makes an incision vertically downwards from the belly button, and excess skin is removed side by side the muscles are also tightened. This treatment is also a special treatment to eliminate stretch marks.

What are the Benefits of Mini Tummy Tuck?

Surgeons usually prefer the mini tummy tuck due to its many medical and cosmetic benefits. Following are some benefits of a tummy tuck:

The recovery time is very less

It requires fewer incisions

A short time is needed for the surgery

It will tighten the skin below the navel area

It includes negligible scarring

It also corrects ventral hernia

It also improves the posture by reducing fats

It requires local anaesthesia instead of general

It is performed on an outpatient basis

It helps in creating a smooth body profile

It has fewer side effects

You will get an aesthetically contoured body

It is a cheap and safe procedure as compared to a full tummy tuck

Preparing for a Mini Tummy Tuck:

When going for this treatment procedure, preparing yourself for a smooth procedure is important. During the initial consultation, the doctor will examine your condition and give you certain guidelines you must follow to get the best results. You should avoid excessive smoking and drinking. Intake of blood thinners is also prohibited as it increases the chance of excessive bleeding. Try to lose some weight to get the desired results.

The procedure of Mini Tummy Tuck:

The surgeon starts performing the procedure by injecting local anaesthesia to avoid pain. He then makes 5 to 7 inches of incision, which is made from the mid abdominal area to the lower abdomen. The length of the incision is the same as a C-section; the doctor will remove the excess fats and skin and tighten the skin from the abdominal area. And after performing the whole procedure, the treatment site is closed with sutures. Sometimes the mini tummy tuck is combined with other procedures such as liposuction to get the best results. 

After-Care Instructions:

After a mini tummy tuck surgery, you will need a few weeks to months to recover. The healing time depends on the healing power of the patient. He may give you certain instructions to follow after the surgery to avoid side effects. Some of the after-care instructions are as follows:

You should wear compression or a support garment

Avoid doing unnecessary exercise or strenuous hard work

Try to massage the area after the treatment site is healed

To avoid pain, you must take painkillers 

Are the Results Permanent?

The results of this famous cosmetic surgery in Islamabad are long-lasting and even permanent, depending on the quality of your life. The results may vary depending on the body's response to the surgery. If you want to maintain the results, do not eat unhealthy and junk foods. If you get pregnant in the future, then the results will fade away. The results are permanent if you are not planning to have a baby in the future. This procedure is proven to get the desired results with fewer side effects.

The Bottom Line!

You can try mini abdominoplasty if you want a flat belly with firmer and tighter skin. It will help you get a perfect dream look in just one surgery. The article What You Should Know About Mini Tummy Tuck will help you to know if this treatment is right for you or not. This cosmetic surgery will also help to get a slimmer waist line with less pain and you will lose 3 to 4 pounds depending upon the amount of fats removed. We have the best clinic in Islamabad where the doctors are trained and professional and will help you achieve the desired results.